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This forum will be useful to indian students who want to pursue Master of science in US of A. This site will discuss information regarding admissions, GRE, TOEFL etc.
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 Fresh Content Is Improtant for Search Engines

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PostSubject: Fresh Content Is Improtant for Search Engines   Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:08 pm

Do you guys know why?
3 Pointers

1. Increases your website size - if you add new content, you are increasing your pages therefore you are increasing your chances of targeting more key phrases. Just make sure your on-page optimization is okay and you must also have internal linking to keep the link juice goin'.

2. Content Generates Interest - Specially for blogs and business sites, when people visit your site, updated content encourages them to come back again. You could get referrals or inbound links from visitors.

3. Boosts Ranking - Search engines are indexing new content at incredible rates (Google is picking up these blog posts within 5 minutes) and some tend to give new content an initial boost in rankings for related search terms in order to help their search listings be as fresh as possible.

Search Engines definitely love fresh, new content.

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Fresh Content Is Improtant for Search Engines
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